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RIP Richard Hatch

I'm still in shock.  I found out that Richard Hatch past away today.

Richard Hatch was more than just an actor to me.  I was lucky enough to have known him.   Years ago, I took acting class from him at his house.  I always thought it was interesting that he had two houses on that lot, but lived in the smaller one in the back.  It was a nice one bedroom, but the nicest thing was the fan art he had on display.  He was very proud of it.  He was a loving, kind person.  I haven't had any contact with him in years, so I am stunned to hear of his passing. I had no idea he had been suffering from pancreatic cancer.

With his portrayal of Apollo on Battlestar Galactica, so much of life changed.

I discovered Fandom, FanFiction, FanArt and Fanzines.  Online fandom via Email groups, Yahoo Groups, and Livejournal.  I wrote my first fanfic, drew my first fan art, made my first music videos.  So many firsts!

Not to mention all the people I've met online.

He was my first young adult crush.

I'm going to miss him, so very much.

R.I.P Richard
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Fiction Call : Galacticon 3

Galacticon this year will be in Houston, at the end of May and includes a panel on fanfiction and a workshop on writing.

As a part of that, Galacticon is running a fiction competition.  You DON'T have to attend the convention to enter, and we would love to see loads of good entries of ALL genres, so why not mosey along over to the website and take a look?  Spread the word to any and all BSG fans, both original series and reimagined, and please help!! 5000 words aren't so much, really and it can be less!

SPREAD THE WORD!  But hurry - the deadline is approaching!
Artist at Work


Just some quick BSG character doodles.

I want to do another comic and I've got two ideas I can run with, though I'm sure it'll take me forever to get it done. Anyway, these were kinda done just to give me some ideas about making BSG black and white, and the look of the characters that I might want etc.

Click to make it larger

Be kind. I had no references when I did this, and the large Starbuck and Apollo were with a sharpie only. I had what I had on my first try ^^;;

I really like how Athena came out though. Usually I'm dissatisfied with how I draw her (evidenced by the fact that IIRC I've only never posted a sketch of her before.
I like the Cassie sketch, but it does not look like her. I do like the shorter hair style though and might actually write a bunny on her shortening her hair.
Oh, and hands down, most heroic looking Apollo I've ever drawn *L*
Artist at Work

Crossover of Awesome

I'm so proud, given that it's the Colonial Marines in Aliens, that someone actually did this.

OH AND: From the defunct Realm Comics
BSG/ALIENS (image done in fun not for any real story that I know of)

I WANT THIS CROSSOVER! Do you hear me Dark Horse? I. Want. This.
Oh my god if I was at all good with long horror type stories . . and death fics.
All of which I suck at, but I'm just fangirling all over this image.
(someone needs to tell Starbuck he is WAY too close to shot that Alien unless he likes acid on him)
Artist at Work


Some sketched portraits:

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The top left one of Apollo I find interesting, because I never really noticed how sketptical he looked while Adama gave his "we are off to find Earth" speech.

But he really does, more so even than I captured.
Now I want to know the directions Richard was getting for that scene!
Artist at Work

BSg strip

My second Battlestar Galactica comic, this time, just the ToS characters.
I'm posting these one a week on my LJ (and then later on my deviantart account) until I run outa idea ^^

Title T.M.I
Characters Starbuck and Apollo
Rating PG

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Comic #1 is here or here
Artist at Work

BSG Fanfic

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Title: Family Ties
Rating G
Characters Boxey and Original Character, Apollo and Starbuck by word of mouth
Warning Edited by myself, but no beta
Notes No Beta because this was originally just a tiny ficlet idea I ran with for my own amusement and posted in response to a comment from syble4's on this picture of Richard Hatch. In fact, it's only at her prompting that it gets it's own post (though again I did try and give it a once over now that it's not buried in some comments)

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