August 21st, 2008

Artist at Work


Just some quick BSG character doodles.

I want to do another comic and I've got two ideas I can run with, though I'm sure it'll take me forever to get it done. Anyway, these were kinda done just to give me some ideas about making BSG black and white, and the look of the characters that I might want etc.

Click to make it larger

Be kind. I had no references when I did this, and the large Starbuck and Apollo were with a sharpie only. I had what I had on my first try ^^;;

I really like how Athena came out though. Usually I'm dissatisfied with how I draw her (evidenced by the fact that IIRC I've only never posted a sketch of her before.
I like the Cassie sketch, but it does not look like her. I do like the shorter hair style though and might actually write a bunny on her shortening her hair.
Oh, and hands down, most heroic looking Apollo I've ever drawn *L*