Ani Bester (ani_bester) wrote in bsggen,
Ani Bester

Sketch Post

Eep this place got kinda quiet.

I thought I'd put an in progress picture up just for something to be new here.

Rating: G
Characters: Young Adama and Ilya, very young Apollo

akfhsfhsflhj Making Adama young was hard. You'd think I'd just be able to grab some Bonanza and go with that, but that never works with me. Kinda like just grabbing a photo of Tom Zarek doesn't usually help me much with drawing an older Apollo. Don't know why it is, but it is.
Baby Apollo is really fun to try and draw ^__^

BTW, I am completely ignoring the women in the photo Adama picked up in the first episode. I'm in denial of that image as Apollo's mother, mostly because I don't see how it would be genetically possible for that women and Adama to have kids that looked like Apollo, Zac, and Athena 0.o

Artistic license

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