Ani Bester (ani_bester) wrote in bsggen,
Ani Bester


Title Tag, you're It
Fandom Battlestar
Characters Starbuck and Bojay
Rating G
Media Colored Ink
Notes ummmmmmmmmmmm Bojay and Starbuck as kids at the orphanage, because I can.

ahhhhh the anatomy wonked up when I inked it. I had trembeling hand syndrom last night because I was SO FREAKING COLD painting on the drafty floor. I really gotta get the table cleared 0.o
And you know floor isn't the best inking position anyway.
But still it's whimsical and cute and considering I only really meant this to be a doodle while watching DS9 and then a practice with the inks, I think it came out well.

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